Our Story

We started The Mustangs Band in the early 1990s, during the '60s soul' craze that swept the nation. A string of movies featuring the classics ignited a comeback of 1960s Soul & Motown. Performing this music as it was initially intended was not stretch for Washington DC musicians who had been playing this music since its original arrival on the scene.

In our early years as a band, we played nothing but 60s Soul, Classic Dance and R&B, Go-Go, STAX, Motown, North Carolina Beach, Hand Dance and Funk.  As our popularity rose, we were asked to perform for private events requiring a greater variety of music. We expanded our playlist to include more widely popular dance hits while keeping to our philosophy that playing the music we love would translate best. Fortunately for us, it turned out that we were not alone in our love for classic soul.

Since 1993 we've had hundreds of amazing & unforgettable experiences watching live music transform a room full of people into a raging party - it's a magical thing to see unfold. We've also maintained vibrate lives as artists, performing in groups such as Heatwave, Skip Mahoney and the Casuals, and Peaches and Herb. 

Our years of experience have taught us to adapt to any situation imaginable. Over time, we developed tools to help perfectly organize your entertainment aspects  and streamline the planning process. We've  garnered a reputation for stellar customer service because a well organized planning process is key to your ability to enjoy your party! 

In the end, it IS the band that makes the party. 

We hope you choose us to make your experience fun and stress-free. Your wedding night will truly be unforgettable.

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